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Winter 2015 Materials and Resource Links
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Note: You may request an emailed version of the below files, if you are unable to view/print/save the items in the File Library. Let us know which files you need by emailing us at


General Sessions

Improving Operations and Safety Culture

Mano Nazar, NextEra CNO  View Bio Here 
Materials Provided Onsite

Ethics and ECP
Marianne Jennings, Emeritus Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies in Business W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University

View Bio Here
Materials Provided Onsite

Executive Review Boards: Lessons Learned
Interactive Role Play and Discussions
Handouts Provided Below  Bring your benchmarking materials as directed. NEW! You can now add your materials below by clicking on the 'Add a File' option to the right of the Benchmarking ERB Library and following the instructions.

Advanced Program Elements

Advanced #1 • Managing an ECP at a Decommissioning Site
Facilitator: Manny Alvarado - ECP Investigator, San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
A panel discussion on program changes that could occur as a result of decommissioning including lessons learned from program owners and the NRC.
Handouts Provided Below

Advanced #2 • Workplace Bullying
Facilitator: Billie Garde, Clifford & Garde
Session provides attendees with a current understanding of what workplace bullying is and its impact on work environment and SCWE.
Handouts Provided Below and Resource Links Provided Below

Advanced #3 • Culture Maker: Understanding Our Influence on How Employees Behave and Make Decisions
Facilitator: Kris Cravey, PhD, Vice President, Professional Technical Services, Day & Zimmermann
Session provides attendees an understanding of our influence on how employees behave and make decisions.
Handouts Provided Below

Advanced #4 • Safety Culture Assessment Related to a Security Qualification Incident
Facilitator: Otto Gustafson, Palisades, Regulatory and Performance Improvement Director
Session provides the attendees and look into the safety culture review at Palisades.
Handouts Provided Below

Core Program Elements

Core #1 • Building Trust and Confidence as an ECP Representative
Facilitator: Jim Voorhees, Fleet Manager ECP, FPL/NextEra
Session provides attendees with an experts view at how to build trust and confidence in an ECP program.
Handouts Pending

Core #2 • ECP, Vendors and Co-Employment; How to Effectively Address Issues and Avoid Dilemmas
Panel: Daryl Shapiro, Pillsbury Law - Facilitator
A panel discussion on effectively addressing vendor employee issues and avoiding dilemmas.
Handouts Pending

Core #3 • Understanding ECP’s Responsibility
Facilitator: Andy Vomastek, Dominion Fleet ECP Manager, Lisa Vaughn, Winston and Strawn
A panel discussion on how ECP helps its Stakeholders achieve their objectives while achieving its own objectives.
Handouts Provided Below

Core #4 • Social Media and ECP
Facilitator: Rebecca Rizzo, Pillsbury Law
Session provides participants an update and current challenges social media can provide to a work place culture and SCWE.
Handouts Pending

Benchmarking - ERB Guidelines

More InfoHide Info ]
To help continue the learning and OE beyond the conference, I'm requesting each of you who work in an organization utilizing ERBs (or a similar process) bring with you, or email the ERB procedure you use. Please feel free to black out your organization's identifying information if you wish. We will post these in a members- only portion of the NAECP web site which we hope will allow an exchange of best practices.

Follow the above instructions to add your materials to this File Library. Make sure that you include your contact information for follow-up by interested parties.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Contractor discipline review board PDF (1.52 MB) A. Vomastek 3/13/2015
Entergy Supplemental Personnel ERB Procedures PDF (124.9 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
Entergy EmployeesERBProcedure PDF (121.73 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
Sample Discipline Review Process DOC (117 KB) J. Linquist 2/17/2015

Winter 2015 Materials and Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Building Trust and Confidence PDF (294.32 KB) Administration 2/18/2015
Workplace Bullying Handouts PDF (249.12 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
SafetyCultureAssessmentSecurityIncident PDF (262.18 KB) Administration 2/13/2015
CultureMaker PDF (1.76 MB) Administration 2/13/2015
ManagingECPDEcommissioningSite PDF (72.52 KB) Administration 2/13/2015
Understanding ECP's Responsibility PDF (105.82 KB) Administration 5/12/2015
ERB: Lessons Learned PDF (279.26 KB) Administration 5/12/2015

Workplace Bullying 2015

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
WORKSAFE Index 2015 PDF (90.56 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE OHS Hazard PDF (112.33 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE How to Recognize Bullying PDF (127.91 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Worker Checklist PDF (129.17 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSPACE Backgrounder PDF (120.78 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Employer Fact Sheet PDF (127.87 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Developing Investigative Procedures PDF (136.3 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Investigation Guide PDF (150.43 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Developing a Policy Statement PDF (116.78 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Reporting Procedures PDF (148.86 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Supervisor Fact Sheet PDF (120.84 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Worker Fact Sheet PDF (119.89 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE FAQs PDF (143.11 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
WORKSAFE Reading Materials PDF (892.03 KB) Administration 2/20/2015
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