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NAECP Newsletter Winter 2018
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Promoting Strong Safety Conscious Work Environments

February 13, 2018

Winter Issue 2018


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1. President's Blog
2. Regulatory News
3. ECP Tips Tools


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NAECP Winter 2018
Date: 2/27/18 - 2/28/18
New Orleans, Louisiana
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Investigating Employee Concerns Training (J.E.T.S.)
Date:3/1/18 - 3/2/18
New Orleans, Louisiana
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NAECP Fall 2018
Date: 9/25/18 - 9/27/18
Location:Annapolis, Maryland





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President’s Blog

Are you the Chosen One?

Here are some interesting questions. Can anyone be an employee concerns professional? Can you train someone with no direct experience to be an effective ECP practitioner? Is it a job that can be captured in a detailed how-to manual or reference guide that any employee can read and deliver positive results?

In my mind, the answers to all these questions are easy. I believe the answers are no. I do believe that a person can be trained on ECP procedures and process, workplace investigations and company rules and regulations. That is the easy part of being an ECP professional. I do not believe that is all it takes to be a great ECP practitioner. It takes a whole lot more.

Regulatory / Legal Bulletin

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Several former members of the U.S. Department of Labor's Whistleblower Advisory Board recently collaborated on an editorial printed earlier this month in the Boston Globe, which has also been reprinted elsewhere since, on corporate "best practices" for responding to employee concerns.

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ECP Tips , Tools and Advice

When do you have a “Duty To Act”
Be Ready and Leave the Light On.

Written By: Billie P. Garde, Clifford and Garde LLP

The best qualities for ECP personnel are to be trusted and respected. That is the way it should be, because our profession wants to be the avenue of choice when any member of the workforce confronts a problem that they can’t find a way to solve. Fundamentally ECP programs exist to receive safety concerns, evaluate those risks, and ensure that those concerns do not present a safety impact. But, as we know, most of the issues that come our way are about people issues – from complaints of being treated unfairly, to personality conflicts, to being bullied and harassed. Somewhere along that spectrum, are complaints that trigger a “duty to act” by any member of the ECP staff or management that become aware of it.

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Training Committee Update:
Program Development on Track

The Training Committee continues to work on the certification process. Feedback from the initial “ECP Basics” course was positive with a few opportunities for improvement noted. The class asked us to extend the length of the training and to add two additional training modules: one will be investigator training and the other will be on harassment/discrimination prevention. Investigator training from an outside vendor will be available at the upcoming New Orleans conference. The Committee is exploring the development of a NAECP provided training for investigators. We certainly have the expertise. We also have training on harassment/discrimination prevention that is offered on a regular bases.

The goal is to pull all three courses together into the set needed for ECP. We are looking at various options for delivering the training and welcome any member input. It may be best to offer the training at alternate conferences or have a specific conference that is focused on training for the entire week, with breaks for networking and plenary sessions. Stay tuned for additional information as we move into 2018. 

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