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NAECP Newsletter Winter 2015
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Promoting Strong Safety Conscious Work Environments

December 10, 2015

Winter Issue 2015

In This Issue

1. President's Blog
2. Regulatory News
3. ECP Tips Tools


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NAECP Winter 2016
Date: 2/23 - 2/24, 2016
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ECP Investigator Training
Date: 2-24-26, 2016

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1-800 ECP Advanced Investigator Training: NRC Allegations
Date: 2/25/2016
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President’s Blog

Helping to Change
Written by Mike Wilson, NAECP President
Director - Employee Concerns, BP America

It has been said that the only two things in life that are guaranteed to happen are death and taxes. However as we all know, there is a third – “change”.

Change is inevitable. It happens every day and comes in many forms. Many times change is out of our control, caused by our surroundings and the people around us. Other times it happens as a result of our own choices. There are wanted changes, unwanted changes, good changes and bad. Change is part of our work environment, our home-life and our future plans. Change is everywhere. It is believed by many that those who embrace and initiate change will thrive, while those who fight it may suffer.

In the workplace, change occurs as a result of new strategies and business directions, technology, innovation and communications, divestment and downsizing. During these times, Employers want workers to accept change quickly but many resist it. The number one reason for this is fear, although very few people are willing to admit it. 


Regulatory / Legal Bulletin

 Secret Recording in the Workplace as a Protected Activity
Paul J. Zaffuts Esq., The Zaffuts Group

On September 28, 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Administrative Review Board (ARB) reversed an Administrative Law Judge’s (ALJ) dismissal of a case decided under the nuclear employee protection provisions of the Energy Reorganization Act (ERA) and sent it back to the ALJ for further review. Among other things, the ARB emphasized that under certain circumstances, surreptitious recordings made in the workplace is a legally protected activity under the ERA. The discovery of an employee secretly taping conversations with managers or coworkers can evoke a knee-jerk reaction that may run afoul of the ERA. For this reason, the ARB’s recent decision provides a good opportunity to remind our members of how the DOL assesses such situations.


NAECP Performs a Self-assessment

Prior to the NAECP’s Fall 2015 Conference in Austin, Texas, the Board of Directors undertook an extensive self-assessment. The three-part assessment facilitated feedback from each of our directors and was designed to identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Through the assessment, the Board learned about its strengths and weaknesses and gained valuable insight regarding ways to become more effective and efficient.


ECP Tips , Tools and Advice

Protecting the Protectors:
Are ECP Investigators Legally Protected For Opposing Discrimination?

Billie P. Garde, Clifford & Garde, LLP

ECP programs, like Human Resource organizations, Employee Assistance programs, Ethics & Compliance organizations, Ombudsmen, and even legal departments, play an important role in providing an internal avenue for employees to raise concerns about corporate misconduct. These internal departments invite employees to come to them and raise issues on a host of topics. The role these departments play, including investigating the concerns and determining whether the allegation is true, encourage in-house corrective actions that,hopefully, will address the misconduct or wrongdoing, resolve safety and health concerns, and avoid costly litigation and reputational damage.

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Winter 2016 Skills Training Sessions
This is an Early Registration RSVP and not an actual paid registration. You will be sent an invoice to activate your registration once the required RSVP numbers have been met, no later than January 25th. You will be given 15 days to pay that invoice before your seat will be released to the waiting list.

National Inspection & Consultants, Inc.
Employee Concerns Program Investigator Training
February 24 -26, 2016
Registration Rate: $850 M / $900 NM



1-800 ECP Advanced Investigator Training:
Addressing Referred NRC Allegations
Thursday, February 25 at 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Member Rate: $375 Non-member Rate: $400


ECP Training and Development Survey
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NAECP would like your input on future training offerings. Complete this survey to indicate which session topics and/or types would be most beneficial to you or your organization. The Planning Committee will review these results to determine what sessions we would should offer at future event and/or work towards developing.

Membership Committee Update

The Membership Committee now encompasses assessment of ECP Training needs among the ECP Community and our membership.

The Membership Committee has goals to understand all aspects of membership demographics and dynamics necessary to support decisions regarding changes to the membership program. Now that training has been added to our Committee, we can leverage our members to get them what they want and need! In order to facilitate these important goals, a Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) has been formed. 


NAECP to Implement Membership Changes
Message from Michael Headrick, NAECP Chairman of the Board

By now I am sure that each of our members has heard that we are getting ready to implement an annual membership dues fee by the end of the year. The purpose of this message is to provide some perspective on why the Board has made this decision.

The most important thing to keep in mind with this change is that the NAECP always has been, and forever will be a 501 c 6 non-profit organization created and maintained for the sole benefit of those in the profession of handling Employee Concerns.



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