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BOD Retreat Report - Winter 2015
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NAECP Orlando Board Retreat Meeting
Written By Michael Headrick – NAECP Board Chairman

On Monday, February 23, 2015, just prior to the start of the NAECP conference in Orlando, FL, the NAECP Board of Directors held an all-day Retreat meeting to discuss our organizations future. This was the fourth all-day retreat meeting we have had since we started them two years ago. At the end of each Board Retreat meeting, we discuss ways to make the meeting more effective and have an open discussion on new ideas to professionally improve our organization and membership.

The following is an overview of some of the key areas that the Board is focusing on, and the exciting things you can expect to see within our organization as we continue to grow professionally and personally.

NAECP Vision and Mission
The Board of Directors spent a large portion of the Retreat meeting talking about our current Vision and Mission. Mike Wilson, NAECP President, led the discussion, soliciting input from each of the Board members on their thoughts about the NAECP’s future, and ideas on what changes we might want to make to our Vision and Mission to align with what our future will bring for our organization. Each of the Board of Directors was given a homework assignment to provide Mr. Wilson their thoughts about what a new Vision and Mission statement would look like. Our membership can expect to hear more about the initiative to develop new Vision and Mission statements, including solicitation of our membership’s ideas on our organization’s future.

NAECP Annual Membership Fee

The NAECP always has been, is and forever will be a 501.c.6 non-profit organization, created and maintained for the sole benefit of those in the profession of Employee Concerns. The Board believes we are the only organization that specifically services the unique and specialized community of Employee Concerns Professionals. But we are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the quality of service to our membership and not look for a routine source of nominal income to cover basic operating expenses. Because of the above circumstances, and after much discussion, the Board of Directors has decided to go forward with a nominal membership fee. Click on the following for more information – Membership Changes.

NAECP Budget and Financial Strategy
During the retreat meeting the Board reviewed the organizations budget, including expenditures and revenue. A large volume of our expenditures and revenue are around the conference time periods, which are typically in February and September of each year. The review indicated that the Board still needs to continue to focus on initiatives to levelize cash flow during certain times of the year where there are peaks in routine expenses that are not related to conferences. The Finance Committee has the lead on developing potential solutions to the items discussed during the meeting, but the entire Board of Directors were asked to perform a detailed review of the budget and provide feedback/questions to the Finance Committee on their ideas to better understand and reduce unnecessary expenditures. Click here to review a summary of NAECP financial information.

NAECP Conference Planning
The Board discussed the upcoming Fall 2015 conference in Austin, Texas, scheduled for September 2015. The conference will be held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin. Details on the conference, including conference and hotel registration will be communicated to the membership through separate communications. There were also discussions on the location and hotel selection process for the Winter 2016 conference. As usual the dates for the Winter conference will be in mid to late February 2016. Additional communications will be provided when we have made a final selection on the hotel.

NAECP Website “Knowledge Center” Content

Kris Cravey, Training Committee Chairperson, provided an overview of the training committee’s initiative to collect and post content on the NAECP website “Knowledge Center”. There has been a lot of content posted to the website but we know there is more information that can be useful to our membership. From this point going forward the Communications Committee has assumed responsibility for the “Knowledge Center”; so, for our membership, if you are interested in providing content for the “Knowledge Center” or want to help to solicit content, please contact the Communications Committee Chairperson, James March at

Focused Initiative to Solicit Sponsors for NAECP
The NAECP is a nonprofit organization and relies on our generous sponsors to help maintain the costs for our conferences and other initiatives, such as our new NAECP website, as low as possible. The Board wants to sincerely thank the following co-sponsors and contacts who supported the recent Orlando, Florida conference:

• NextEra – Jim Voorhees, NextEra Fleet ECP Manager
• Mistras – Dennis Bertolotti, President Mistras Services and Julie Marini, VP Human Resources
• Day and Zimmerman – Kristopher Cravey, PhD, Vice President, Professional Technical Services
• Dominion – Andy Vomastek, Dominion Fleet ECP Manager

During the retreat meeting the Board talked about other potential future sponsors. If any of our members are interested in helping with sponsorships, please talk to your senior leadership and let us know if there is an opportunity for a future sponsorship by contacting Michael Headrick, at

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