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NAECP Newsletter Summer 2018
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Promoting Strong Safety Conscious Work Environments

 June 21, 2018

Summer Issue 2018  


In This Issue


1. President's Blog

2. Regulatory News

3. ECP Tips Tools


Upcoming Events

NAECP Fall 2018
Date: 9/25-27/2018
Annapolis, Maryland


Retaliation in the Workplace (HIRD) Training
Annapolis, Maryland





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President’s Blog

Help You - Help Me

As many of you know, I recently retired after 22 years of service from a major oil and gas company.  My decision to retire early (age 54) was based primarily on two factors: first my strong desire to help other companies develop great employee concerns programs including helping the NAECP progress their vision of a world-class support organization; and second, I began to lose confidence in my leadership’s commitment and understanding of how an employee concerns program adds real value by removing real risk.  I started to see a fundamental leadership shift to a more administrative approach that was focused on controlling liability and politics versus creating a culture of accountability, safety, and ethical compliance.

Regulatory / Legal Bulletin

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ECP Tips , Tools and Advice

Another Important Reason for Strict Adherence to ECP Confidentiality Policies

Written By: Paul Zaffuts, Zaffuts Group

Defamation of a person’s character and integrity is a serious issue. “Who will give me back my reputation,” is a cry taken seriously by the courts. As an Employee Concerns (EC) Professional, you already know the key reasons why strict control over your investigatory findings and other sensitive information you obtain or are privy to is so important. Employees come to ECP for many reasons, but often because they believe raising a concern to their management may result in some type of retaliatory action. Persons who assist in ECP investigations as witnesses can have that same fear. Inappropriate disclosures and breaches of confidentiality breaks that trust and personnel will inevitably conclude that ECP is not a viable option for them.

During the course of your work, you are often provided or develop information that reflects negatively upon an individual, such as wrongdoing, harassment, other forms of highly inappropriate conduct, as well as the employment decisions that can arise from substantiated instances of such conduct. Another reason that assuring such negative information remains confidential is because its disclosure can, under certain situations, provide the grounds for a defamation lawsuit. For this reason, all EC professionals should have a basic understanding of the law of defamation and how it could intersect with your work.

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How to Raise Your Concern

A Worksheet and Handout for Use in the Workplace
Prepared by Andy Vomastek, Dominion Energy

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The History of the ECP: From My Perspective

Prepared By: Billie P. Garde, Clifford & Garde, LLP

The Training Committee continues to work on the certification process. Feedback from the initial “ECP Basics” course was positive with a few opportunities for improvement noted. The class asked us to extend the length of the training and to add two additional training modules: one will be investigator training and the other will be on harassment/discrimination prevention. Investigator training from an outside vendor will be available at the upcoming New Orleans conference. The Committee is exploring the development of a NAECP provided training for investigators. We certainly have the expertise. We also have training on harassment/discrimination prevention that is offered on a regular bases.

The goal is to pull all three courses together into the set needed for ECP. We are looking at various options for delivering the training and welcome any member input. It may be best to offer the training at alternate conferences or have a specific conference that is focused on training for the entire week, with breaks for networking and plenary sessions. Stay tuned for additional information as we move into 2018.

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Registration Opens June 30th

Call for Panel Members @ Fall Conference

New to ECP: What I Expected vs What I Am Experiencing

This panel is intended to explore the nuances of being new to ECP (1-3 years) while providing an opportunity to seek guidance from long-term ECP members and conference attendees. The panel members will identify (in advance) a handful of topics to explore and NAECP Board Members will be present to help guide the discussions.

Please email your interest to:


Date: 9/27-28/2018 • Annapolis, Maryland
Registration Opens 6/30/2018



Finance Committee Update 2017-2018

The Finance committee had a busy first quarter of the year making sure that our organization met our many business obligations. During the first quarter we issued the required 1099 Forms to our vendors, renewed our liability insurance, and filed our taxes to make sure that we maintain our status as a non-profit organization.
Our members can be assured that the finances of the NAECP are performed in an open and transparent manner. Each month our checking, savings and credit card statements are sent to all members of the Board for review and the Finance Committee provides a status report during each monthly Board of Directors call.

The NAECP’s income for 2017 was approximately $134K. Expenses for the year were approximately $169K in the following categories:

$115k   Conference Venue - Hotel Charges
$34K    Professional Svcs (Conference planning, bookkeeping, website support)
$8K     Printing / Shipping
$5K     Internet/Website Services/Fees
$3K     Bank/Credit Card Svcs
$4K     Misc.

As you can see – the NAECP operated at a loss for the year 2017. The increasing cost of putting on a conference is causing us to stretch our resources. Our combined reserves as of the end of the first quarter 2018 were about $22K which is low for this point in time between conferences. We have benefitted over the past several years from several generous corporate sponsorships and this has helped us maintain our reserves. We are also working with several members to obtain sponsorships for the 2018 conferences.

The NAECP continues to look at ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs – including our conference costs. If you have any suggestions for us - at any time - please contact any Board member. If you have any questions regarding the finances of the NAECP please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Finance committee or Board of Directors.

NAECP Treasurer Jim Voorhees

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