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NAECP Newsletter Spring 2017
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Promoting Strong Safety Conscious Work Environments

June 1, 2017

Spring Issue 2017


In This Issue


1. President's Blog
2. Regulatory News
3. ECP Tips Tools


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NAECP Fall 2017
Date: 10/17-19/2017
Charolette, North Carolina
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NAECP Winter 2018
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President’s Blog

This is why I do this job.

There is an old story about a stranger traveling on horseback during the Revolutionary War in 1779. Apparently while near a battlefield, the rider came across a group of exhausted American soldiers who were digging trenches to support a potential overnight defensive position. The rider noticed that the unit’s commanding officer was also on horseback, and he was shouting instructions at the men to dig faster, dig deeper and threatened to punish the person who finished their section last as it was getting dark.

The stranger approached the officer as darkness fell and asked, “If this is so important why aren’t you helping?” The officer advised the stranger that he is the officer in charge, and the men do what he orders. “That’s the way it works.” The officer then proclaimed to the stranger, “You should help them yourself if you feel so strongly about it.”

Regulatory / Legal Bulletin

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ECP Tips , Tools and Advice

Be Brave – Be Independent:
You and Your Company’s Credibility Depends on It

Written By: Billie P. Garde, Clifford and Garde LLP

The U.S. Supreme Court has tackled the issue of employer liability for adverse action decisions made by a corporation, based on the discriminatory intent of a supervisor who was not responsible for making the ultimate employment decision. Case in point is Staub v. Proctor Hospital 562 U.S.411 (2011). In legal terminology this is called “the cat’s paw” theory of liability. Although the original Supreme Court case was a military employee discrimination case, the Courts have been applying this theory in retaliation cases under many employee protection laws, and it has been applied in the Department of Labor to situations in our industries.

What does this mean for us?

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I’ve just assumed the role of assisting the MAC in their role of advising the NAECP Directors on conference agendas, website content and other NAECP initiatives. In short, the MAC is the NAECP Director’s sounding board. MAC is lead by Gabrielle “Gabby” Sonnier, ECP Specialist CB&I, Lake Charles. Under Gabby’s leadership the MAC has recently collected and provided feedback from the Austin conference which is being incorporated into the planning efforts for Charlotte. The feedback included suggestions to improve logistics and content. MAC has suggested conferences include more training activities, information on chilling effects and panel discussions on the interface between ECP and other employee engaged groups like Human Resources and Legal. These concepts are being built into the agenda for Charlotte. Way to go MAC!

Andy Vomastek, NAECP Director- Activities of the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC)

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NAECP 2016 Finance Committee Update NAECP Treasurer Jim Voorhees

The Finance Committee has had a busy first quarter of the year making sure that our organization meets our many business obligations. We have issued the required 1099 Forms to our vendors, renewed our liability insurance, and have filed our taxes to make sure that we maintain our status as a non-profit organization.

ur members can be assured that the finances of the NAECP are performed in an open and transparent manner. Each month our checking, savings and credit card statements are sent to all members of the board for review and the Finance Committee provides a status report during each monthly call. Our combined reserves as of April were about $50Kb which is consistent with this point in time between conferences. We have benefitted over the past two years from several generous corporate sponsors and this has improved our reserves.

The NAECP continues to look at ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs – including our conference costs. If you have any suggestions for us - at any time - please contact any board member. If you have any questions regarding the finances of the NAECP please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Finance committee or Board of Directors.


Mark Your Calendars

You Spoke, We Listened! 

Look Ahead to Charlotte, October 17-19, 2017

Wow, what a great conference in Austin! We asked for your feedback and we definitely got it. We received many great ideas for breakout sessions at the next conference. Our challenge now will be narrowing them down to the number of time slots.


The general feedback suggested that you really enjoyed the conference. The app received excellent reviews and great feedback. We are exploring keeping it as a standard tool at future conferences. Another hit was the keynote speaker, Gene Balsmeier, who spoke on “Leadership, Teamwork and Leaving a Legacy Through FOCUS.” The general feedback was that you would like to see more topics related to leadership. We also heard that there is interest in discussion on decommissioning and the impact on ECP.


Our keynote speaker in Charlotte will be Dave McElwee of Entergy who will speak specifically about decommissioning. Following the keynote, there will be a breakout session on managing ECP throughout the decommissioning process, including the regulator’s perspective. This topic will benefit any industry that is facing large scale downsizing.


Other featured breakouts will include regional NRC sessions, Oil and Gas, as well as DOE and DOE Contractor.


Other confirmed topics based on your feedback include: Best Practices for a Contractor Employee Concerns Program; Whistleblowers in Today’s Corporate Environment – Case Studies; Management and Leadership Perspective on ECP’s Role in Troubled Times; and a Collaborative Triage Lunch-N-Learn.


Stay tuned to the NAECP website for more details on breakouts and general session topics as well as post conference training options.


If you are interested in co-presenting at the Charlotte conference, please reach out to your Planning Committee Chair, Devon Jackson ( and Co-Chairs, Jessica Linquist ( or Paul Zaffuts (



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