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NAECP BOD Retreat Update
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NAECP Board Retreat Meeting
Written By Michael Headrick – NAECP Board Chairman

On Monday, September February 22, 2016, just prior to the start of the NAECP conference in San Diego, CA, the NAECP Board of Directors held an all-day retreat meeting to discuss our organizations future. The Board started these retreat meetings about three years ago and has proven to be a great opportunity to spend quality time discussing our organizations successes and challenges. The following are some key items we discussed and decisions made that the Board feels the membership should be aware.

Succession Planning for Key Positions on the Board
Over the last 2-3 years the Board has significantly increased its focus on succession planning for key positions on the Board. The NAECP Board has four Officer positions; President (Mike Wilson), Board Chairman (Mike Headrick), Treasurer (Jim Voorhees) and Secretary (Devon Jackson). The Board also has five Committees that each have a Chairperson; Executive, Finance, Planning, Communications and Membership. To better prepare for the future the Board spent some time during this recent retreat meeting continuing our discussion on filling the key positions above when their terms expire.

Revision to NAECP Bylaws
The NAECP, previously called the “ECP Forum”, developed a Bylaws document several years ago to provide formal rules and regulations to provide a framework for its operation and management. The Board recently developed and approved a revision of the Bylaws, which was primarily driven by discussions on the importance of succession planning. One of the important changes we made in this revision of the Bylaws was to create a new position call “Chairperson-elect”. The Chairperson-elect of the Board may be elected by the Board in accordance with an election procedure developed by the Executive Committee of the Board, and may be elected up to one-year before the end of the current Chairperson’s final term. The Chairperson-elect role is to be used for succession training and transition purposes for the Chairperson role. If the Board has elected a Chairperson-elect, the Chairperson-elect will become the new Chairperson at the expiration of the current Chairperson’s final term or extension.

Election of New Chairperson-Elect
With the approval of the recent Bylaws revision, the Board was able to have a formal vote at the Retreat meeting in San Diego, to fill the new Chairperson-elect position. The Director who was elected into this new position was Lori Hayes, who is currently the Chairperson for the Membership Committee. Ms. Hayes is the fleet ECP Manager with Duke Energy, and has been on the Board since January 2014. With the election of Ms. Hayes into this new position, it will allow for a more structured turnover/transition for Ms. Hayes to take over as the Chairperson for the Board of Directors, which is currently filled by Michael Headrick. Mr. Headrick’s final term as Chairperson of the Board expires June 1, 2016, at which time Ms. Hayes will officially take over the position. The Board is very excited about Ms. Hayes future in leading our organization and wish her the all the best.

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