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Committee Reports Summer 2014
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NAECP Board Member Listing
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Executive Committee  Click for List of Members
The Executive Committee is responsible for strategic planning, including ensuring that the NAECP continues to focus on our organization’s Vision and Mission. View Mission Here

The Executive Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors operate within the guidelines of the NAECP By-Laws, oversight of NAECP Board Director elections, NAECP Board succession planning, regulatory outreach (NRC, INPO, and NEI), and industry outreach (Nuclear, DOE, Oil, Education, Airline, Medical, and Auto).

Currently the Executive Committee is working on the following initiatives:
• Development of NEW UPDATED NAECP Vision and Mission statements
• Development of a long term NAECP Business Plan
• Development of detailed guidelines for Board Director elections
• Continuing with industry and regulatory outreach to grow and strengthen the NAECP

Finance Committee Click for List of Members
 Finance committee has had a busy first half of the year making sure that our organization meets our many business obligations.  We have issued the required 1099 Forms to our vendors, renewed our liability insurance, and filed our taxes to make sure that we maintain our status as a non-profit organization.  

Our members can be assured that the finances of the NAECP are performed in an open and transparent manner.  Each month our checking, savings and credit card statements are sent to all members of the board for review and the Finance Committee provides a status report during each monthly Board of Directors call.   Our combined reserves as of June were about 25K which is about normal for that point in time between conferences. 

The NAECP continues to look at ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs - and to that end we are looking at all of our expenses for ways to minimize our expenditures and the outside services that we use.  If you have any questions regarding the finances of the NAECP please feel free to contact me or any other member of the Finance committee or Board of Directors.

NAECP Treasurer Jim Voorhees
Click Here to View the NAECP Financial Summary Report

Communications Committee Click for List of Members
We have been working hard to develop and deliver professional, quality information and resources to our membership.  To that end, we are pleased to report on some recent accomplishments, such as this first ever membership newsletter.

Get Connected!  Phase 1 of our new website launched earlier this year.  Check it out at  While you're there, don’t forget to update your member profile.  You can even add your picture (it’s always nice to put a face with a name).  The new web platform offers a lot of additional features which will be deployed in Phase 2:

Knowledge Center with helpful resources for *members* only.  Phase 2 will also include a new layout and color scheme which will give our association a professional and more modern appearance.

Get Branded!  As part of our focus on branding, the committee proposed a new logo design to the Board.  In case you missed it, the new logo made its debut appearance right here in our first newsletter!  The facial profile in the “E” emphasizes our focus, as ECP professionals, on people.  Blue, as a primary NAECP color, was maintained due to its association with trust, truth and loyalty, all positive attributes of our profession.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the communications committee!

Now taking volunteers!! As we say goodbye, a special thank you goes out to Carla Martinez, Communications Committee Chair, for her leadership on the newsletter and branding roll outs.  The Communications Committee Chair position is now vacant. For any who may be interested in filling this role, please contact the Executive Committee for more information.

Planning Committee  Click for List of Members
Our planning committee has been 100% focused on developing a quality NAECP Fall 2014 Conference for our members. View the schedule and registration information by visiting the events page - Click Here! 

Work has already begun on the Winter 2015 event and as always we value your input on subject matter. Let us know if there is a topic or session you think we should feature in 2015 by emailing our Planning Chair Andy Vomastek:


Membership Committee Click for List of Members
The membership committee will be providing a full and detailed report in our next Newsletter. This committee is currently working on the prospect of charging membership dues versus other sources of revenue to support NAECPs development and education offerings. This is a complicated manner and requires careful consideration by the full Board and input from our members. Watch for future updates and discussion concerning membership and finances of NAECP.

Training & Resource Committee Click for List of Members
This committee is responsible for developing our training and resources for use on both the website and in a conference setting. During Phase 2 of the website you will see changes to the Knowledge Center and Resource pages. Our goal is to make the Knowledge Center a central location for all things ECP and ECP related. We are constantly looking for new resources, links, samples, documents, and/or articles that will improve our members knowledge in the profession of ECP. Let us know if you have a resource that would be valuable to your peers … share your knowledge! Email ideas and resources to:

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