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How to Manage Your Profile
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What is My Profile

Your profile is one of your most important resources on It is your opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to your peers.

Access your profile by clicking the "My Profile" link on the home page. On any other page, all information needed to manage your profile, set your preferences and renew your dues is on the right side of the page under the "My Profile" menu.

You have a lot of control over how much information to make available to others and how much you would like to be contacted. However, you create greater professional and business development opportunities by your participation in more groups, balanced by your desire for privacy. 

Member profiles are the core of your visibility to other members. Many characteristics are ‘hotlinked’ so you can identify all members with those characteristics.

For example, if you see in a Member Profile that a member is an ECP Manager, click on that 'title' to pull up a directory of all ECP Manager Members with access to their contact information.
 If you do not see an identifier, qualifier, or demographics that you think we should track, use the Contact Us form to suggest we include it. Additions are based on both the logic of the suggestion and the number of individuals recommending it for inclusion.


This is how your NAECP Profile appears to other Registered Members. Keeping your Bio information up-to-date allows you greater access to information and increases your ability to communicate with similar ECP Professionals.

IMPORTANT: The information that is shown in your Member Profile is visible to search engines. However, your Personal Blogs, Photos, Connections and information in the 'More Information' field are only visible to registered members of the NAECP community.


 Managing Your Profile

Explore, update,and make changes to your profile. As we move towards a larger ECP community and create our own ECP network the information in your Bio becomes invaluable in establishing connections and generating industry specific benchmarking. Within each menu options are additional instructions.

 Information & Settings

Edit Bio This is where you update your profile, bio information, and control privacy settings.


·Additional information will be gathered on your CV/Resume if you choose to use that option.

Preferences View and manage preferences and notifications from the various sub-groups and forum areas of the website. This will allow to direct where those emails go, how often or what you want to be included on.


Invoicing, Payments & History


Invoices View and pay all outstanding invoices via a secure credit card portal. Print receipts, review past purchases, and keep track of refunds and/or credits.

Event Registration Use this window to view, print and modify existing event registrations. This will also show a listing of past events for which you have registered in this system. Long-term members have additional event history located within their individual Member Profile.

Membership **Important** This is where you will manage your membership and dues. Within this option you are able to view your membership status and your renewal options. 

Pay Your Invoices Online
1. Go to
2. Login to your Profile.
3. Go to 'Invoices'.
4. Select the correct invoice.
5. Follow on-screen instructions.

Note: If you do not see the payment window on your screen and you are using Internet Explorer you are experiencing a security issue in relation to the payment window. Open the website in another browser (Chrome or Mozilla) and this problem should be eliminated.


Content & Features

Favorites A list of NAECP website pages you have designated as your favorites, which speeds your access (no need to navigate through the menu).

How? When visiting a page CLICK the 'star' at the top right of the page. As a member you may designate categories into which to group your favorite pages.


Networks The links to your profiles on other social network sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), which extends your access to other professionals and lets others access yours (optional).

Files and Links A list of files you have attached to your personal profile (e.g., corporate brochure, sample reports, downloadable books and white papers).

Professional Development A journal entry based tracking of your professional development activities. This area of the website is being further developed with input from the Education and Training Committees. If you have something you would like to see implemented in this area let us know via email to

Blogs & Pages​ This are areas of the website that you can create and us to communicate with other members. This is driven by the individual member and will be most easily accessible to the members that you have 'connected/networked' with or groups that you invite to view your communications. All instructions and set-ups are fairly intuitive once you click to get started. 


Messaging Internal messages received from another member who wants to contact you (number indicates how many were received while you were offline)

Groups A list of communities to which you have registered (your primary chapter has already been assigned, but you may elect to change this), including communities of practice (consulting disciplines, industry specialty, organizational focus and client type), leadership positions, and committees.

Connections - you may choose to connect to selected members (similar to Facebook) that provides more messaging options (number indicates how many new requests you have received from people who want to connect with you). Membership Info - indicates your membership type and status of membership. This is where you would renew your membership.

Networking & Careers

Resume If you are interested in participating in automatic email notification of career opportunities in your specified areas of interest, we recommend you create a Resume to supplement your profile. The Resume is more searchable by prospective employers, teaming partners, and interested members. Click Here for Details

Career Postings Post and manage job opportunities, peer review support, and request assessment assistance from other ECP professionals with in the membership. You can disable or edit your posts and even see how many views or responses a request you posted has received.

Resumes, Opportunities & Peer Support Categories

• Allegations Recovery
• Benchmarking/Working Groups
• ECP General Support
• ECP Legal Support
• ECP Self-Assessments
• Needed Subject Matter Experts
• Nuclear Safety Culture Assessment
• Organizational Effectivness Assessments
• RFI/Chilling Effect Support
• SCWE Consultant
• Temporary Staffing

Post job openings, assessment needs, peer review needs and other opportunities. Also, find potential candidates for your activities, search opportunities and subscribe to new posting notifications.

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Designate ‘Favorite Pages’
Files & Links
Professional Development


Member Access