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Assessments and Measurements
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Content Area Description

• Assessments & Measurements
• Benchmarking Monitoring
• Culture Assessments
• Develop & Conduct Assessments
• Feedback
• Metrics/indicators
• NRC Resources
• Self-assessments
• Trending Analysis
• Types of Assessments (Examples)

Subject Leader Bob Speek •

This resource library is established to contain the items listed below. We will continue to add documents to this library. We are also asking for any types of training, white papers, resources, etc. (internal or external) that your organization is willing to share on the subject matter. Contact the Subject Leader for additional information on contributing documentation/resources.

Assessments & Measurements

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
FleetMaster Trend Worksheet (PG&E) XLSX (86.27 KB) Administration 2/16/2015
EC Indicators Worksheet Blank (PG&E) XLSX (137.26 KB) Administration 2/16/2015
EC Concern Indicators Handout (PG&E) PDF (259.62 KB) Administration 2/16/2015
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-18 PDF (595.71 KB)  more ] Administration 12/10/2014
NECE-GUID-002 Evaluation Guidelines Rev. 1 PDF (447.37 KB)  more ] Administration 12/10/2014
NECEP-08-002 PDF (326.05 KB)  more ] Administration 12/10/2014
Complexity and Safety PDF (12.66 MB)  more ] Administration 12/10/2014
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