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Fall 2015 Materials and Resource Links
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IMPORTANT NOTE: You may request an emailed version of the below files, if you are unable to view/print/save the items in the File Library. Let us know which files you need by emailing us at


General Sessions 

Nurturing Safety Culture and a Safety Conscious Work Environment
Aldo Capristo, Chief Administrative Officer, STP Nuclear Operating Company

Keynote Speaker - Materials Provided Onsite
Kimberlee K. Kovach, Consultant and Trainer, Dispute Resolution Services

Social Media and Workplace Culture 
Plenary Session w/ Audience Participation – Panel & Leaders Pending
Facilitator: Daryl Shapiro, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Promoting a Healthy Organizational Culture Survey
Plenary Session w/ Audience Participation – Panel & Leaders Pending
This session will be comprised of the questions and information put forth on the pre-conference survey and is designed to make sure that our members have a chance to gather the information they were seeking from this conference’s focused theme.

Safety Culture: What is it? How to achieve it? Can it be recovered?
Facilitator: Diane Sieracki, Senior Safety Culture Program Manager U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Part 1 ● What is Safety Culture? What can we do to monitor Safety Culture?
What can we do to assess Safety Culture?

Panel Members: Julie Goeckner, DOE; Diane Sieracki, NRC; Justin Wearne, PSEG, Reactor Industry; Scott Wistenpart, Oil&Gas

Part 2 ● What can be done when your organization has safety culture weaknesses?
What does “recovery” look like?

Panel Members: Michael J. Annaconne, CB&I; Benjamin Waldrep, Duke Energy, Harris; Ken Koves, INPO

Advanced Program Elements

How To’s of ‘Safety Culture’ Training
Speaker(s): Jessica Lindquist, Speak Up Alaska Program Manager, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. & Paul Zaffuts, Attorney, The Zaffuts Group

When protected activity stops being protected?
Speaker: Billie Garde, Clifford and Garde, LLP

Chilled Work Environment Concerns
Speaker: Lisamarie Jarriel, Agency Allegation Advisor, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Assessing Safety Culture and SCWE
Speaker: Lori Hayes, Manager, Employee Concerns Program, Duke Energy

Core Program Elements

So You Want to do a Survey?
Speaker: Ken Koves, PhD, Senior Program Manager, INPO

Intakes Basics and Protected Activity
Speaker: Ed Kennedy, ECP/SCWE Manager, Washington River Protection Solutions

Safety Culture and the ECP: Legal Issues 101 
Speaker: David Repka, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

Employee Concerns Program Procedure/Process Fundamental Aspects
Speaker(s): Brett J. McCreary, ECP/SCWE Manager, CB&I; Jeanne Copsey, CB&I; Cheryl Peed, CB&I

Fall 2015 Materials

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SC_Part1_Wearne_MonitoringSCWE.pdf PDF (109.35 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
SC_Part1_Sieracki_SafetyCultureNRC.pdf PDF (121.78 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
SC_Part1_Ristenpart_RelationshipwithHR.pdf PDF (183.04 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
SC_Part2_Waldrep_SafetyCultureLessons_PV.pdf PDF (125.86 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
SC_Part2_Koves_CultureChanges.pdf PDF (250.62 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
SC_Part2_Annaconne_RecoveringWeaknesses.pdf PDF (236.99 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
CBI_LessonsLearned.pdf PDF (273.86 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
RepkaWhite_Legal101_PV.pdf PDF (511.43 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
Zaffuts_SafetyCultureProcess.pdf PDF (1.78 MB) Administration 9/24/2015
NRC_Breakout-F15.pdf PDF (282.15 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
Garde_Protected.pdf PDF (112.27 KB) Administration 9/24/2015
Koves_Surveys.pdf PDF (294.21 KB) Administration 9/15/2015
Jarriel_CWEConcerns.pdf PDF (465.2 KB) Administration 9/15/2015
Capristo_AlPresentation.pdf PDF (507.35 KB) Administration 9/15/2015
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