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Leadership Profiles

Carey Foy
Manager, Day and Zimmermann Employee Concerns Program


Carey Foy is currently serving as Manager of Employee Concerns Programs for Day & Zimmermann (D&Z), a global provider of services to power, industrial, oil and gas, commercial, and government markets. In this capacity he provides alternate problem identification and resolution and Safety Culture training support for plant services at D&Z nuclear client locations. Mr. Foy previously held the same position at CB&I/APTIM.

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Before joining CB&I/APTIM, Mr. Foy served as Deputy Executive Director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission (Department of Labor) from 2009 to 2016. In this role, he was the COO, responsible for establishment and achievement of operational goals for a state agency with over 1,000 employees.

Before serving the State of Louisiana, he was managing partner of Wilkinson, Foy LLC, a Louisiana-based consulting firm providing Nuclear Safety Culture and Safety Conscious Work Environment services to a nationwide client base. He continues to provide consulting services via Carey Foy & Associates, LLC, where he serves as President.

Prior to consulting, Mr. Foy was the Fleet ECP manager for Entergy Nuclear Corporation, which owned and operated 8 nuclear power plants in 6 states. He also managed Total Quality and Change Management programs for Entergy Nuclear.

Mr. Foy served as an aviator in the United States Marine Corps, rising to the rank of Major. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from Marshall University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Mississippi State University.



James March
Fleet ECP Manager, Southern Nuclear



James is currently the President of the National Association of Employee Concerns Professionals (NAECP). He previously served as the Secretary and the Communications Chairperson.  James March is the Fleet Employee Concerns Program (ECP) Manager for Southern Nuclear. In this role, he oversees the ECP staff at the three Southern Nuclear operating plants in Georgia and Alabama. He also oversees Compliance and Concerns Investigations at the Vogtle 3&4 Construction site. James has more than 10 years of Compliance & Concerns experience.

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James is also a certified law enforcement officer in the state of Georgia and he has various advanced peace officer certifications.

James holds a Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University.



Tim Walsh
Special Counsel, Pillsbury Law


Tim Walsh is outside counsel for the nuclear power industry. He handles a variety of matters, including complex technical litigation, internal investigations, whistleblower claims, and appellate matters for the industry. Tim works on a variety of nuclear energy issues, involving litigation, regulatory, and transactional matters. Those matters have included litigation and other legal matters under the Atomic Energy Act and implementing regulations; the Nuclear Waste Policy Act; the National Environmental Policy Act; and whistleblower litigation under the Energy Reorganization Act before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Department of Energy.

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Representative Experience:

Conducted a safety conscious work environment evaluation of, and an investigation into allegations arising from, the entire security force of a nuclear power plant.

Developed and provided safety conscious work environment training for all supervisory and managerial personnel at a nuclear power plant.

On behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute and utilities, secured a favorable ruling from the D.C. Circuit ordering DOE to suspend collecting over $750 million per year in fees for the nuclear waste disposal program DOE abandoned in 2009.

Conducted a 2016 investigation into anonymous allegations raised at Energy Northwest's Columbia Generating Station concerning senior management's transparency and performance, and to conduct a work environment assessment at the plant to identify and remediate and safety culture and safety conscious work environment concerns.

Tim has participated in numerous licensing proceedings before the NRC for the renewal of existing plant licenses, and for obtaining new licenses for new construction plants. Routinely conducts internal investigations for his clients, whether the matter arose internally through an Employee Concerns Program, or externally through (for example) a request for information from the NRC. Regularly defends companies and their employees in investigations conducted by the NRC Office of Investigations.



Barbara Taggart
Entergy Operations, Inc. - Indian Point



Barbara Taggart is the Sr. Lead Employee Concerns Specialist for Entergy Nuclear at Indian Point Energy Center. She is responsible for administration of the Employee Concerns Program for this three-unit site which is transitioning from operating facility preparing for decommissioning. She also supports the Entergy fleet-wide Employee Concerns Program and Nuclear Safety Culture/Work Environment programs.

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Barbara joined Entergy Nuclear in 2000 as a Corrective Action Administrator. Prior to joining Entergy, she held a wide variety of positions with the New York Power Authority including assignments in the Nuclear Generation organization supporting Indian Point 3 and the James A. FitzPatrick Plants. She also worked in the System Operations department for the New York Power Authority as a Program Administrator at Headquarters and in the Engineering department. Her decommissioning experience includes liason for decommissioning of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station on Long Island.

Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Manhattan College. She is an active member of US and Entergy Women in Nuclear and has served on various Nuclear Energy Institute task forces in the Safety Culture/Employee Concerns arena.




Shamsa Al Ameri
NAWAH Energy Company


Shamsa is currently serving as Employee Concerns Program (ECP) Manager for Nawah Energy Company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In this role, Shamsa oversees a multi-national team of ECP staff across three organizations, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, Nawah Energy Company, and Barakah One Company in Abu Dhabi.

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In 2016, Shamsa became the first UAE National to be fully qualified as an ECP Investigator. Shamsa has more than 28 years of progressive experience in the areas of Employee Concerns, Auditing, Communications, Management Accounting, and Project Management. Prior to working in the nuclear industry, Shamsa held senior positions in the Oil & Gas and Management Consultancy sectors.

Shamsa is a licensed auditor by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE and holds a Master of Business Administration Degree and Bachelor of Business Administration Degree majoring in Accounting.


Nathan Darrow
Exelon Nuclear


Nathan (Nate) Darrow is the Employee Concerns Program (ECP) Manager for Exelon Nuclear. In this role, Nate provides governance and oversight for the ECP program and staff at thirteen Exelon Nuclear plants located in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Nate has more than 25 years of experience in the nuclear industry, 10 of which have been in an ECP role.

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Nate has also held positions in Nuclear Oversight, Information Technology and Engineering. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University, and Associates in Engineering Technology from Morrison Institute of Technology, and serves on the Board of Directors for a Credit Union ranked in the top 200 for financial heath in the United States.



Jack Gallagher

Leave of Absence



Billie Garde
Partner, Clifford & Garde, LLP



Billie Pirner Garde specializes in resolving employment issues within the unique work environment of the nation’s energy complex, including the commercial nuclear, oil, gas and pipeline industries; and the Department of Energy complex. Ms. Garde has also been actively involved in the assessment of work environments and the health of organizational safety culture within the nuclear industry. Beginning in 1989 with the global settlement of all litigation impacting the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in Texas, she provided training to site managers and was an alternative member to the site’s Nuclear Safety Review Board.

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Between 1997 and 2000, Ms. Garde served as a member of the Millstone Independent Oversight Team, assessing the recovery of the work environment at the Millstone nuclear power plant and ultimately advising the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the Millstone workforce was willing to raise and pursue safety concerns. She has provided similar assessments at Salem/Hope Creek and advice to Maine Yankee during its decommissioning. Ms. Garde has also worked internationally with companies in Spain and England to address safety culture assessments and recovery efforts.

Within the Department of Energy Complex, Ms. Garde has provided training and assistance at several sites, including over a decade of work at the Hanford DOE Reservation. She served as one of the founding members on the Hanford Joint Council for Resolving Employee Concerns, a model alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process created jointly by the State of Washington, DOE and Hanford contractors, which operated from 1993 to 2002. Ms. Garde also served as a member on the Hanford Concerns Council (HCC), which was established in 2005 to resolve employee concerns at the Hanford Site and operated until 2015. In the Oil & Gas industry, she served as the Deputy Ombudsman to a major international oil company’s employee concerns program, conducting numerous investigations and resolutions from 2006 to 2015. She continues to provide training and consulting services across the Alaska North Slope to contractors and oil industry executives.

Ms. Garde is a Board member for the National Association of Employee Concerns Professionals (NAECP). Ms. Garde has also been actively involved in the review, development and modification of the NRC’s safety conscious work environment, safety culture, and ADR policies over the past twenty years. In addition to litigation, Ms. Garde conducts numerous work environment assessments, independent investigations, and provides formal mediation services to assist parties in resolving disputes.

In November, 2012, The Secretary of Labor appointed Ms. Garde to serve as a member of the Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee (WPAC) as a labor representative for a period of two years.

Ms. Garde is a partner in the Washington, D.C. firm of Clifford & Garde, LLP. She has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Northeastern University, Oklahoma, and a law degree from Antioch School of Law. She is admitted to practice in Washington, D.C., Texas, and Wisconsin, and numerous federal courts, and is a frequent speaker at professional associations and conferences.



Barry Hall




Hall has over 20 years of experience working in human resources and employee concerns programs. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and political science from Regis University. He holds certificates as a Society of Human Resource Management – Senior Certified Professional and Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional.

Hall spent his early career in recruitment and staffing before becoming a Director of Human Resources in 2004 for MasTec in Miami, FL. He joined Bechtel in 2011 as an Employee Concerns Program Manager for the Turkey Point project team and later held the same role at other Bechtel nuclear projects at Monticello, Davis Besse and the Waste Treatment Plant. He is currently working for Bechtel at Plant Vogtle 3 & 4 in Waynesboro, Georgia where he seconded into Richmond County Constructors.  In addition to handling Employee Relations for other Bechtel seconded non-manual employees, he also works to develop the nuclear safety and quality culture, investigates and recommends resolutions to employee concerns, provides coaching and counseling to leaders, and serves as a subject matter expert on Nuclear Safety Culture (NSC) and Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE).


Lori Hayes
Employee Culture Oversight, Nuclear Generation, Duke Energy



Lori Hayes is manager, employee culture oversight. She is responsible for developing and administering the nuclear generation department’s fleet employee concerns and nuclear safety culture programs, which includes oversight of independent investigation teams and reports, training and education, contracted workforce, assessments, and monitoring Duke Energy’s Nuclear Safety Culture.

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Hayes joined Progress Energy (formerly Carolina Power and Light) in 2000 as a senior regulatory analyst for nuclear security in the corporate office. She was named supervisor of corporate access authorization in 2004 and superintendent of nuclear security services in 2007. In 2008, she became manager of nuclear security services, where she provided oversight and direction to access authorization, fitness for duty, security training, and occupational health. In addition, Hayes developed and implemented security measures for the rail transportation of used nuclear fuel, which was a first for a commercial nuclear power licensee. In 2011, Hayes was named manager, corporate nuclear oversight. She was named to her current position in 2012, following the Duke Energy/Progress Energy merger.

Hayes began her career with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in 1982 at the Bellefonte Nuclear Station. She served 17 years with the NRC in various nuclear security roles in Region II. Many of those years were spent as a reactor power, fuel facility, and research reactor physical security inspector. Hayes provides comprehensive experience in allegation investigation and resolution and has additional specialization in nuclear drug testing, access authorization and employee concern programs.

Hayes received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, with a minor in terrorism, from North Carolina Wesleyan College.

She is a member of Women in Nuclear and has served on various Nuclear Energy Institute task forces in the areas of access authorization, transportation of radioactive materials, security rulemaking and new plant development. Hayes has assisted the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations and worked with the NRC on developing a common language for nuclear safety culture, both domestically and internationally, in conjunction with International Atomic Energy Agency.



Devon Jackson 
CCEP, CFE, Employee Concerns Program Manager, Idaho National Laboratory


Devon Jackson currently serves as the Employee Concerns Program Manager and Technology Deployment and Procurement Ombudsman for the Idaho National Laboratory at the Department of Energy’s Idaho site.

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Ms. Jackson is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, Certified Workplace Mediator, Nuclear Instructor Qualified, and Highly Trained Workplace Investigator with a specialty in retaliation, fraud, and harassment; and a Certified Trainer of Managing Workplace Conflict. She hails from a background of two years as the Ethics and Compliance Program Manager at the Hanford Tank Farm; over ten years of experience as an investigator and manager of the Employee Concerns Program at the Idaho Cleanup Project; and nearly 20 years’ experience as a litigation paralegal. Ms. Jackson’s extensive training and experience in resolving conflict, conducting research, root cause analysis, conducting interviews, and investigations has laid the foundation for her transition to Ethics and Compliance and role in promoting an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance.

She has participated as a team member on various types of assessments related to safety culture and has taught courses on management leadership; workplace bullying; workplace stress management; investigations; and recognizing, raising, and resolving workplace issues; and preventing retaliation. She has presented at national conferences on issues of compliance, investigation process, communication, and various other topics. Devon is passionate about the need to respect and act quickly on all issues raised by employees and management. She provides leadership mentoring and coaching to employees and management. Devon has also served as the Conference Planning Committee Chair and Member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Employee Concerns Professionals (NAECP).

Devon is also the mother of an exceptional set of boy/girl twins who keep her very busy. She also enjoys playing tennis and is a gourmet cook.



Jessica Linquist
BP Exploration Alaska

Leave of Absence


Kristie Lowther
Entergy Corporation


Kristie has been in the role of Senior Manager, Employee Concerns Program/Nuclear Safety Culture at Entergy Corporation since October 2019.  Prior to holding this position, she was the Manager, ECP for Entergy for three years. 

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Previously, Kristie worked for Entergy at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station for several years serving in many roles, finishing her assignments at Pilgrim as the ECP Coordinator from which she was promoted to ECP Manager.  Under Kristie’s direction, Entergy’s Employee Concerns program is responsible for ensuring all employees and supplemental workers have an alternate avenue to raise and resolve concerns.  Employee Concern Coordinators located at each nuclear site report to Corporate and are responsible for conducting independent investigations as well as training and education of site personnel, including leaders, employees and supplemental workers. 

The Nuclear Safety Culture program for which Kristie has oversight, helps assure that Nuclear Safety and Quality are overriding priorities for the Entergy organization.  Programmatic oversight of Nuclear Safety Culture is provided through involvement in specific activities designed to assure that Nuclear Safety Culture is respected and maintained. 

Over the last several years, Kristie has assisted various nuclear stations throughout the nuclear industry with benchmarking/assessments and continues to improve the ECP/NSC programs by learning from other companies.  Kristie has served as a panel member during NAECP conferences over several years and was elected as a NAECP Board Member in 2020.


Brett McCreary
Independent Consultant


Brett is an independent consultant with over four decades of experience in the nuclear industry currently specializing in investigations associated with employee concerns as related to Nuclear Safety/Quality, Employee Protection and NRC Allegations.   Mr. McCreary retired from the Tennessee Valley Authority in 2014 where he served in numerous capacities beginning in the Quality Organization with career progression to a management certified Senior Reactor Operator, at a supervisory capacity in Maintenance of nuclear plant components and on-shift operations of a nuclear power station, including technical advisor/assistant to Senior Management, and managing the Employee Concerns Program from a Fleet level.


Mark Nelson

Bristol Bay Industrial


Mark is the president and CEO of Bristol Bay Industrial (BBI), an investment company that owns operating subsidiaries across a range of industries, including oil and gas, mining and metals, chemicals, telecommunications, and utilities.

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Preceding his appointment to BBI, Mark served as senior vice president at Quanta Services, a Fortune 300 company operating in the electric power and oil and gas industries. He also served as chief operating officer at ASRC Energy Services, an Alaska-based oil and gas services provider.

Prior to relocating to Alaska, Mark practiced law in Washington D.C. As an attorney, Mark represented Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, and private equity firms with an emphasis on crisis management, litigation, and external and internal investigations. Mark also previously served as Deputy Chief Counsel for the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

Mark received a Juris Doctor from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama.


Tom Poindexter
Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius LLP



Thomas C. Poindexter represents nuclear energy clients in licensing, regulatory, and adjudicatory matters before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the US Department of Energy (DOE). Trained as a nuclear engineer, he has served on several nuclear oversight committees for US utilities with nuclear power facilities, and currently assists nuclear power plants and material licensees in recovering from regulatory, investigation, and enforcement problems.

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Tom also focuses on emergent issue response, facility performance situations, and regulatory strategic planning.

Tom represents clients in NRC-licensed facility enforcement and regulatory compliance matters, as well as in situations involving plant operations, and represents entities that hold general and specific materials licenses with the NRC for licensing, inspection, and enforcement matters. His nuclear engineering background allows him to work closely with client personnel to translate technical issues into a regulatory compliance strategy and communicate with engineers, regulators, and in-house counsel to better ensure synergy in approach and expectations. In his regulatory practice, Tom advises clients in areas such as, security, quality assurance programs, fitness for duty, nuclear access authorization, NRC inspection and enforcement policies, and technical specification interpretations. He also helps licensees prepare for, and respond to, NRC activities involving its Office of Investigations (e.g., alleged willful violations) and assists during alternate dispute resolution proceedings. Tom also counsels on DOE-related matters from a contractor and regulatory agency perspective. Before practicing law, Tom worked for the NRC for seven years. As part of a core group of NRC technical personnel responsible for inspecting and overseeing the clean-up activities at Three Mile Island, Tom served as the NRC licensing project manager at TMI-2 for several years. He was among the first officials to inspect the TMI-2 reactor core and contributed to several presidential inquiries into the accident. He also served on the NRC enforcement staff.




Steve Trail
American Electric Power




Steve Trail is the Employee Concerns Manager at American Electric Power, Cook Nuclear Plant. Steve has been at Cook Nuclear for the past 17 years. Prior to joining Employee Concerns he worked as a Fitness for Duty/Access Authorization SME, Security Operations Coordinator, and a Fire Protection Sr. Technician. Steve has also assisted several other nuclear plants with their Nuclear Safety Culture Assessments through Utilities Service Alliance.

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Prior to working at Cook Steve was a Deputy Sheriff with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department and a firefighter with the Berrien Springs Oronoko Twp. Fire Department where he retired as a Captain.

During his tenure he and 10 other first responders from Berrien County assisted the FDNY after 9/11 at the ground zero area.

Steve took a leave from AEP in 2004-2005 to work as a civilian contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense in Iraq as a Firefighter/Lieutenant at several military bases during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University, a Criminal Justice Certificate from Lake Michigan College and is certified through the International Fire Service Training Association, Fire Officer Level I and II.

It is my pleasure to work for the NAECP members and with the board. Please feel free to contact me with your suggestions to help our organization move forward as Nuclear Professionals.



Michele Waller
Ameren Missouri



Michele has served in the capacity of the Employee Concerns Manager at the Callaway Plant since 2014.  She has been with the Callaway Nuclear Plant from 2008 to the present, initially serving in the Training Department first as the Instructional Technologist, and then proceeded to the position of Senior Training Supervisor prior to taking the role of the Employee Concerns Manager. Within the Employee Concerns Program, responsibilities involve development and administration of the employee concerns program, and oversight of nuclear safety culture through involvement in the Nuclear Safety Culture Monitoring Program and Nuclear Safety Culture Leadership Team.  Additional responsibilities include independent investigations, training and education of site personnel, as well as, contract organizations and leaders.  Michele has assisted various nuclear stations within and outside of STARS, and Utilities Service Alliance organizations with Nuclear Safety Culture Assessments and Employee Concerns Program assessments, and has also assisted in New ECP certification training within NAECP.

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Prior to her nuclear career, Michele has worked in the public and private sectors within the Banking industry, the Insurance industry as an IT Programmer, a high-school Math Teacher, a Programmer for the State of Missouri, and then ultimately advanced to Manager of the Training Departments within the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and then eventually to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Michele holds a B.S.E. degree in Mathematics from Truman State University, as well as, a Master’s in Education from William Woods University. She holds a Lifetime Certificate to teach secondary math in the State of Missouri, and was recognized in "Who's Who among America's Teachers" for each of the years taught.  She is a member of the Diversity Ambassadors within Ameren, and also a member of Women in Nuclear.  Michele is pleased to serve on the NAECP Board, and hopes to assist in promotion of the program.

Paul Zaffuts
Owner, The Zaffuts Group


Paul Zaffuts is an attorney and owner of his legal firm, The Zaffuts Group. Paul has provided legal and consulting services to the nuclear and other safety sensitive industries for 24 years.

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His work with management in large and small organizations with assessing their safety and compliance cultures and to avoid safety issues and whistleblower complaints through training, improvements to compliance and corrective action programs, employee concerns programs, and other mechanisms. He is also frequently engaged to lead investigations into claims of discrimination, and allegations of wrongdoing and regulatory non-compliances. Mr. Zaffuts, obtained his law degree from Cornell Law School and was an aeronautical engineer with Boeing before entering law school.


Lisamarie Jarriel
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Lisamarie L. Jarriel is the Agency Allegation Advisor for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Ms. Jarriel has over 35 years of experience in nuclear safety, employee concerns, Safety Conscious Work Environment and Safety Culture program development and implementation.

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She’s worked most of her career in the nuclear industry, including most recently for an NRC licensee managing such programs. Currently Ms. Jarriel’s role as a senior policy advisor to the NRC in these areas, includes oversight and enhancement of the NRC’s Allegation Program; developing and promulgating Safety Conscious Work Environment policy guidance; advising efforts to enhance the agency’s oversight of Safety Culture at its licensees; and participating in special inspections to assess licensees’ actions to improve the Safety Conscious Work Environment and Safety Culture.

Ms. Jarriel has a BS from the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and is a certified trainer in the area of maintaining cultures that encourage employees to raise safety concerns.

Diane Sieracki
Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Diane Sieracki is the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Senior Safety Culture Program Manager in the Office of Enforcement. She functions as the lead for the coordination of safety culture efforts related to the NRC’s regulated communities. Ms. Sieracki led the efforts for the development and publication of a Safety Culture Policy Statement (SCPS) and continues to lead the efforts to continue dialogue and education with stakeholders.

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She is also involved in International safety culture efforts with the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) and the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). Ms. Sieracki has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear power field and was responsible for all Safety Conscious Work Environment activities as well as Safety Culture activities for a large domestic nuclear power owner for ten years as the Fleet Manager of the Employee Concerns Program. Ms. Sieracki has a Master’s Degree in Management and Organizational Behavior.


Julie A. Goeckner
Office of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security



Ms. Goeckner is a recognized subject matter expert frequently sought out by organizations and executives to provide realistic, effective, and efficient solutions for complex organizational issues. She has 35 years of experience with the Federal government supporting numerous organizations including DOE Headquarters, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (Yucca Mountain), and the Office of Environmental Management (EM). She has supported commercial nuclear industry, the gas/oil industry, and private industry, in investigating allegations and evaluating the state of their safety culture and Safety Conscious Work Environment (SCWE).

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Since 2012, she has been a Sr. Advisor on Safety Culture, responsible for advising senior leaders on emerging issues, influencing departmental policies and processes associated with the Department’s Implementation Plan prepared in response to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Recommendation 2011-1 (including the creation of the DOE Safety Culture Improvement Panel Charter). In 2020, she assumed the role of Acting Director for the agency/corporate Employee Concerns Program. Over her career, she created innovative model contract language, managed the Employee Concerns Program for EM Headquarters, was EM’s Designated Management Office for Office of Inspector General referrals, and led/supported organizational climate improvement initiatives, specifically leading Integrated Project Teams in response to the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Her experience includes management and oversight of a diverse set of programs to include: Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality (Integrated Safety Management and Voluntary Protection Program); Safeguards and Security Programs (physical security, protective force, Operations Security, and personnel security); Contractor Human Resource Programs covering compensation/benefits; Industrial/Labor Relations, Workers Compensation, and DOL/Energy Employees Occupational Injury Compensation Act (EEOiCPA); Employee Concerns Programs (ECP); and Organizational Climate, Safety Culture and SCWE (under Nuclear Regulatory Commission and DOE regulations). Ms. Goeckner served as the DOE Representative to the Board of Directors for the National Association for Employee Concerns Professionals (NAECP) for over 13 years. She has served as an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselor, trained/experienced in conducting inquiries and investigations. Ms. Goeckner is the Department’s Safety Culture Subject Matter Expert and a Certified Lead Instructor for DOE National Training Center (NTC). She has been instrumental in developing and delivering safety culture courses to over 5000+ Federal and contractor senior leaders, first line supervisors, and employees, ultimately leading a positive shift in the organizational culture across the DOE complex. Ms. Goeckner has participated in, and led, numerous organizational climate and safety culture assist visit teams that measure operational effectiveness and efficiencies, and provided recommendations to improve organizational performance. She holds a B.S. in Management from Grand Canyon University, is a certified mediator and facilitator, previously served as a Federal Contracting Officer Representative, and is a 2005 graduate of the Federal Executive Institute. She is currently completing an Executive Leadership Programme with University of Oxford.


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