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Administration of ECP
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Inclusion of SCWE in Annual Goals 0 S. Terek Does your station include any language related to upholding SCWE as part of their annual goals setting process? If so, please include a sample. Contact Shilo Terek ( with questions. Thank you. 
by S. Terek
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Personnel Exit Checklists (Leaving site) 5 K. Coon At FirstEnergy as part of the exit process supervisors are required to completed the ECP exit checklist with the exiting employee. The form is similar to what is below. The top section is for the supervisor to complete and the bottom section below the leaving employees name the employee completes. this gives them an opportunity to talk to ECP when leaving or leave a contact number for ECP to contact them at. FE Supervisor/Designee (Print Name): Initials Date 1. Remind exiting employee of their responsibility, as a nuclear worker, to report their concerns in the areas of: nuclear safety, quality, or any condition deemed an unacceptable risk to health and safety, or potential violations of law or regulations. 2. Explain that reporting such concerns is a protected activity pursuant to Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules and regulations, which means no harassment, intimidation, retaliation, or discrimination for reporting concerns is tolerated by management in compliance with the law. 3. Offer a confidential ECP exit interview. Requested* Not-Requested Employee: (Print Name) Initials Date Company: 1. I understand my responsibility and rights as a nuclear worker to freely report nuclear safety or quality concerns to Davis-Besse management or confidentially to the ECP. I also understand my right to contact the NRC or the Department of Labor concerning any nuclear safety or quality concern I may have. 2. I have no concerns to report at this time. OR I have a concern as described below. Employee Concerns Program Representative: ECP interview completed as requested. Any Employee Concern, Comments or Suggestions are documented below and/or on the back of this form. Forward completed form to the ECP MS A-DB-5171. *ECP can be contacted at ECP Phone Number
by R. Jarosi
Thursday, June 22, 2017
Dual roles for ECP personnel and Conflict of Interest 1 J. March At FirstEnergy the ECP representatives do have dual roles but these roles do not conflict with our ECP duties. One role is our emergency plan role, everyone at a plant has a EP role. For the ECP Rep it is usually a role in the Joint Information Center. The ECP Reps also serve a the administrator for the Company Nuclear Review Board which duties include getting documents for the members to review, setting up the meeting and writing the meeting minutes. There are two meeting per year per site.
by R. Jarosi
Thursday, June 22, 2017
Record Storage 6 S. Willman Hi Ms W,We have a very comprehensive document retention protocol which also incorporates EU data privacy and protection laws which varies from country to country. For most areas (including the US) we retain documents in a secure manner (with controlled access) for seven years before destroying.Happy to share our bigger "country by country" program if interested.M Wilson
by M. Wilson
Monday, June 12, 2017
Definitions of Concern Categories/Types 1 S. Dalton NEI 97-05 rev 1 Appendix K is a source.
by R. Burnside
Thursday, December 15, 2016
Contractor Oversight 1 (. Roper Coincidentally we are looking at this same issue in my company and I'm interested to see the feedback you get. We have contractual requirements for Contractors to have EC Programs, provide us with documentation on how this is communicated to their personnel, designate an ECP Liaison, and report when they initiate and close investigations. Our Internal Audits Team includes ECP as a component in their annual contracting compliance audits. Our Contractors have to report quarterly on their EC Programs via ISNet World and we try to attend quarterly contract performance meetings. The procedure we use is being revised at this time. I'll see if it can be shared.
by M. Craig
Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Reporting Catagories - What do you use? 1 (. Roper We categorize cases as Concern, Allegation, or Rapid ResolutionAllegation - A declaration, Statement, or assertion of impropriety or inadequacy associated with NRC-regulated activities, the validity of which has not been established.Concern – an issue, other than an allegation, that warrants an investigative effort (e.g. ethics, environmental, compliance).Rapid Resolution – A concern that does not warrant an investigative effort or requires minimal investigative effort or a concern that ECP refers to another organization for review (e.g. Human Resources, Legal Services, Access Authorization or Industrial Safety).
by R. Hammons
Thursday, December 1, 2016
Onboarding: Including Safety Culture on Job Postings/Interviews 0 S. Dalton Our company’s Safety Culture Monitoring Panel wants to enhance onboarding processes by incorporating safety culture wording in job postings and interview questions to help us assess candidates’ personal safety culture attributes, i.e., leadership, employee engagement, and organizational learning. Online research has not produced any sample interview questions or wording for job postings. If you can share what your organization does to include safety culture/SCWE in your onboarding processes, I’d appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance!  (You may also email me at )
by S. Dalton
Friday, July 22, 2016
Pulsing & Surveys 0 M. Carbonara Duke Energy Employee Concerns Program would greatly appreciate if you could take a moment to fill out this benchmarking survey concern how our industry peer pulse & survey their organizations. Thank you all very much! Megan Carbonara Duke Energy ECP
by M. Carbonara
Thursday, September 3, 2015
Review of ECP concerns with Site VP 1 R. Jarosi Southern Nuclear does the following:1. ECP does sit down with Site VP's2. Site VP's are notified of each concern that is received within their organization and when the investigation is complete. Also, ECP meets with Site VP's monthly to discuss general topics.3. At monthly meetings it's more of a 50000 ft view.4. Verbal for monthly meetings. For specific concerns, it is written.5. Detailed report is provided for specific investigations.
by J. March
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Recording Policy 1 J. March FENOC does not have a policy on the use of recording devices.
by R. Jarosi
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
What ECPs Lead Safety Culture Activities for their organization? 1 J. March At the FENOC plants, Beaver Valley, Davis Besse and Perry Safety Culture activities are led by the Regulatory Compliance Manager. He has the Performance Improvement group under him. It has been our belief that Safety Culture belongs to the plant and they are responsible for it. ECP just monitors it.
by R. Jarosi
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
ECP coordination of Requests For Informattion from NRC 0 J. March I am benchmarking to see what Employee Concern Programs are responsible for coordinating Requests For Information from the NRC. Currently we are not, but have been asked to consider taking that responsibility. Looking for feedback on the Pro's and Cons. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or additional information that isn't shared in this forum.  Thanks James   
by J. March
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Data Analysis/ Metrics Reporting Methods 0 M. Carbonara I am hoping to Benchmark what other organizations are doing in the way of Data Analysis/ Metrics Reporting Methods. Please email me at if you are willing to provide some information.  Thanks   Megan Carbonara Duke Energy ECP Program Technical Asst.
by M. Carbonara
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Triage Questions 1 M. Wilson Mike, we do have a triage process imbedded with our intake questions. I've attached the forms.
by A. Vomastek
Friday, March 13, 2015
Documenting ECP Interactions 1 R. DenBleyker Richard,Within the ECP process itself, we do not document every contact with individuals, unless it turns into a concern and we ask that question, along with many others. What we do not wish to have is someone thinking they filed a concern with ECP after talking with us, and ECP not opening one, that is why we spend time with employees who talk with us to ensure we've shared expectations. And, we do not formally track a contact with an employee. However, there are within our ECP program guidelines and company Ethics and Security standards, instances when you have to do something with the information. Employee pulsing is typically documented and communicated to management. Any and all contacts with CIs and ECP case related discussions are documented. Obviously there are some instances where someone asked for advice on how to address something, our guidance is to make note of that outside of ECP space and then follow up with the individual. It is encouraged that within ECP these discussions are brought up and discussed collegially just to ensure we've not missed anything.Thanks for using the NAECP web to ask your question.Andy
by A. Vomastek
Friday, March 13, 2015
Confidentiality Agreements 1 K. Coon Duke Energy has developed several different Confidentiality Agreements for various purposes. If you will send me an email, I will get you a few samples. My email is Thanks
by M. Carbonara
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
EthicsPoint Software Service Provider Assessment 0 K. Coon Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (Ken Coon) requests information (good or bad) on the software service called EthicsPoint (Previously under Global Compliance now called NAVEX). Ease of use, reporting or graph capability and especially information on security / access controls are key points of interest as we consider this service.
by K. Coon
Thursday, February 20, 2014
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