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How I prepared for new ECP Role
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1/26/2014 at 3:50:19 PM GMT
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How I prepared for new ECP Role

At Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station the journey for selection of the new Employee Concerns Manager was one year long. Bids for the job were accepted January 2013 and selection was made in December 2013. As an individual with 35 years in my Radiation Protection career field I knew I needed to prepare for the possibility of earning the position and/or show to others I had more than a mere interest. With over 19 years of experience in Root Cause level of investigations (which to me is one of the best realms to learn and practice leadership skills), I have that skill set well in hand. As someone that has always been a server, helping all organizations and departments I had a good network and reputation.  In attempting to earn the ECP  job, so I would be "new to ECP", I would face the challenge of individuals (both within the company outside) that were highly experienced and respected.

I spent the year gathering and reading "everything ECP, SCWE or Safety Culture". Our own site procedures, NRC documents, DOL Whistleblower Digest, NEI and INPO documents and information from other sources (Such as Chilling Effect Letters). I have a giant binder stuffed full of this information, a ready reference library! When little "gems" of advice crossed my way I would make an insert to place under the clear plastic binder covers (Example: If behaviors or culture stops them from reporting little problems, they will NOT report big problems".

I have had many benefits emerge from that preparation: It allowed me to tie it all together in the 5 levels of interviews (relate the general question to the future job), it showed that I was not complacent and had a sincere desire for the job/position and have made an investment in my future and in the site if I were selected. Now that I was awarded the position (Jan 8, 2014) it acts as my foundation to start the next phase of my journey (doing the job); learning the soft issues (Balance, listening, fairness, empathy, etc.). I am blessed to have a very knowledgeable and experienced  team that has welcomed me to the group, is comfortable about giving me coaching/counsel and understands I am open to their mentoring and advice. I look forward to meeting the NAECP community.

That is how I became, as the Discussion Board topic says, "New to ECP" !


Kenneth Coon

Employee Concerns Department Leader (Manager)


ECP + RFI's+19 yrs. Root Cause/Apparent Cause+37 yrs. Nuclear=Winning formula
Available for short consulting work (e.g., quick hit investigations and reports) the fall of 2015
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Kenneth Coon

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